Build professional How-to videos with us,
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Our Belief

If you are a PM/PMM/Engg lead interested in releasing a how-to demo, 
you should be able to go from inception to video-ready in a week,
 even for a feature thats not out yet.

We are a new-age tech services start-up, founded by a former AWS SA leader who believes in empowering PMs, Tech BDs, Engineering leaders, and PMMs to release how-to demos without delays and without needing an SA for hand-holding. We embrace Amazon’s Leadership Principles, especially “Think Big” and “Customer Obsession,” and strive to build world-class demos that befit the AWS brand.

Why work with us?

AWS SAs have high-priority work and video editing is not their forte. Other agencies, with no AWS expertise, require a lot of  hand-holding, adding a dependency on an SA. This leads to a video taking 4-6 weeks from inception to production.

In contrast, we streamline the process, aiming to deliver a video draft within 4-6 working days from inception. Our own AWS certified SAs come up with flow, messaging, and first draft, which removes dependency on you requiring your own SA. KloudKlips Engine automates the workflow and builds a draft that you can review, since the process is automated, it becomes extremely easy for a KloudKlips architect to edit and regenerate the draft*. Which enables, you, our customer to get to the final video in a very short time frame.

Our Approach

KlouKlips Solutions Architect will request a detailed AWS documentation for the video you want us to build. We handle the rest, building a draft video within couple of days to propose a flow and messaging. The draft then goes for voice/ video editing where finishing touches are added, guaranteeing a polished and professional final product. We combine human expertise with automation to deliver exceptional quality.


*if we have already built a demo for your platform (e.g. AWS Service/AWS Marketplace) and documentation you provided works out of the gate without any tweaks + we have access to the feature, we will try our best to build a draft and share it with you within 2-3 working days,  if we are new to your platform (E.g. APN finder, etc), we will try our best to give you the first draft of the video within ~4 working days.

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